The Economic Impact of Craft Beer!

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Thank You Craft Brew!

Talk about an impact – billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of jobs – that what craft beer is doing for the economy in the U.S.  The Brewers Association reports that over $30 billion was contributed to the economy last year from the craft brew industry!  Let’s take a closer look:

The Portland Business Journal reports that Oregon ranks number one for per capita economic output in the craft beer industry. The industry supports almost 15,000 jobs in Oregon. One of the nation’s oldest craft brewers guilds is the Oregon Brewers Guild.  The Oregon craft brew scene is massive with over 200 brewing facilities in over 65 cities. You don’t have to go far to find something unique in the Beaver State.  How about starting in Portland, currently home to more breweries than any city in the world!

Over $500 million was paid in wages to employees related to the craft beer industry in Illinois last year.  Want to celebrate craft beer for a week?  Go to Chicago – soon!  Check out the Chicago Craft Beer Week, running from May 15-25.  Over 300 venues around the city are involved, many of which are members of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild. They have to stretch the definition of a week to fit in all the opportunities this celebration brings to craft beer.

Opportunity, opportunity – as the 4th most populous state, Florida is bound to explode with more craft brewers.  At about 60 now and pumping $875 million into the economy, there is a lot of room to grow more.  And if growth is going to happen, it will happen in great part because of the Florida Brewers Guild.  Consumers can experience some of these beers at the Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest, a display of some of Florida’s great craft brewers.

Topping out at an economic impact of nearly $300 per drinking age adult, Alaska is the place to be if you want to explore what craft beer can be in an adventuresome environment. The Brewers Guild of Alaska does an excellent job of promoting an industry that spans from its northernmost member, Silver Gulch Brewing and Bottling Company in Fox, Alaska, to its southernmost member, in Sitka, Baranof Brewing Company.

Next week, at the Craft Brewers Conference, hosted by the Brewers Association many more brewers from all 50 states will be present as the craft beer industry meets to help share knowledge and insight with each other in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks again to all the craft brewers!  Keep up the good work – we appreciate it!

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